Please be sure your child does not have lice before sending him to camp. If your child is found to have any nits or lice he will not be allowed back into camp until he has been checked by a lice company and is clean for at least 24 hrs.

We are an allergy aware camp. There are many children in camp with allergies, the majority to nut and seed products. NO FOODS with nuts may be brought onto campus. No bamba, humus, techina, peanut butter, sesame seeds, “everything” bagels, super snacks, honey nut cheerios, etc. Please check the labels of all foods, be aware that pretzels and cookies are made in factories that manufacture nut products.
Parents of children with allergies: Please stress to your child that he may not share any snack with a friend. He must eat only what you send with him. Preschool morahs and rebbeim check daily to assure no child is sharing food, but it is much harder to do in the boys division. Therefore, your child must be very diligent to eat only what you send.


Simcha Day Camp is proud to have a full time RN (registered nurse) with a fully-stocked infirmary on campus.

We also have a few head staff members trained as EMT’s (emergency medical technicians) and Upper staff in CPR who are available at all camp hours if needed.

In order to give your child the best medical care, New York City Board of Health requires that we have all medical information for your child. Please be sure to complete both sides of the medical form and make sure that ALL dates of immunizations are current and accurate. A note that they are up to date is insufficient. The completed medical history form must be submitted to our office no later than three weeks prior to camp. Your physician will determine whether your child should receive a Tetanus Booster before camp.

New York City Department of Health requires that only medications in the original pharmacy bottle, prescribed in the child’s name and sent with written instructions from the physician, can be dispensed from the infirmary. If you must send a medication to camp, please have your child give it to his bus counselor, who will send it to the infirmary. No medications are allowed in the classrooms.

The Director reserves the right to make the final determination as to whether a camper can remain in camp despite a medical condition.

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